MWD Trading is a 15 person proprietary trading firm in Denver, Colorado.  Our custom-built trading engine executes a variety of strategies on several of the world's most liquid exchanges.  As an active trader in some of the world's most competitive markets, MWD is committed to responsible market participation. 

MWD is engages in automated trading and market making of futures, options and bonds. Our primary focus is on high expected value, low variance trading strategies executed through our proprietary software system.

We have a corporate culture that caters to successful trade development and an aggressive compensation package that pays employees for their entrepreneurial efforts.  Our office faces the Rocky Mountains and provides easy access to world class skiing, cycling and the Colorado mountains.  

MWD Trading trades solely for its own accounts and does not accept or hold customer accounts, does not advertise to the public, and does not trade or facilitate trading for any third party. Regulatory compliance and risk management are of paramount importance to MWD. Our Compliance Officer and Risk Management Committee strive to meet all regulatory rules.


Contact Information

MWD Trading, LLC
7901 Shaffer Parkway
Littleton, Colorado 80127

Managing Partner
Ted Graham

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